Is There Really a Way To Get Thin Fast?Desperate To Lose Weight

Olivia Wells Reveals How to Get Thin Fast By Olivia Wells

So you want to get thin fast. Well, recently, a close friend was desperate to lose weight fast for a wedding and an upcoming high school reunion. This is what she said to me:

"I need advice, tips, suggestions…anything to help me get thin FAST…and by not starving myself most of the time! How can I lose weight like all those celebrities who lose weight fast? I get fat fast, why can’t I get thin fast? I’ve tried to lose weight before, but when the results didn’t come quickly enough to satisfy me, I would promptly give up. Then I would hear about yet another get thin fast plan…and the process would start over."

How to Get Thin FastDesperate To Get Thin Fast

Let's face it...just like my friend, we all want that "magic formula" to get thin fast and stay there. So I know I am going to disappoint many of my readers when I say that I don't have one.

However, I will tell you that what I'm going to reveal in this article is possibly the next best thing.

You see, as Sonya demonstrated in her encouraging success story (see video on the right), is that quick weight loss is not impossible ... if, you understand what the right steps are, and are willing to follow them.

With that said, let's first look at two simple facts regarding the body and how we burn or "metabolize" the food we eat:

  • To begin with, the tissues in your body that burn fat most effectively are your muscles. They really boost your metabolism. Toned muscles will help you burn fat and lose weight much faster than any other tissue found in the body. In fact, muscle actually burns up to 12 times more calories than fat!

  • Aerobic exercise is helpful because it burns calories and also strengthens your muscles. However, a simple but properly structured "short burst" aerobic weight-training exercise program is especially effective because it will tone up main muscle groups all over your body, while boosting your metabolism and strenghening your heart and lungs.
You see, what happens next is part of the "magic" ... your body will need to burn calories to repair the muscle that is 'broken down' during this exercise program. In addition, your body is constantly working harder just to maintain muscle tissue — much harder than for other types of cells; so you will be burning calories at a faster rate all day long no matter what your activity. Of course, toned muscles will also make your body look great!

Unfortunately this is where most diet/exercise programs begin to lose their lustre ... when you find out that it's going to take grueling hours at the gym. However, as I discovered with the Fat Burning Furnace system you can lose the fat and build the muscle for weight-loss success by exercising just 15 minutes, 3 times per week.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let's take a quick look at the food & nutrition element of a really effective program to get thin fast.

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Eating 'Right' To Get Thin FastBest Diet Plan To Get Thin Fast

Everyone knows that a vital part of any weightloss program is knowing what foods to eat and what not to. However, you may not be aware that just how you eat them is equally important. Here's a few helpful examples:

  • If you eat too quickly the chemical triggers that tell your brain you're full don't have a chance to work. As a result, you eat more than you need or want. So just slowdown and enjoy each mouthful.

  • Eating 4 smaller meals spaced evenly through the day, rather than 3 large ones, helps to boost your metabolism and reduce the amount of fat your body stores. The reason for this is that the body is programmed to sense when there is a shortage of food. When there is a lack of food and you have those 'hunger pangs' your body's metabolism slows down and starts to store fat as an automatic mechanism to deal with "famine". However, with a continual supply of nutrition the body's defense mechanism goes off alert keeping your metabolism high and consuming, rather than storing, fat.

Of course knowing about your body's nutritional requirements will inspire you to cut down on binge and mindless eating. Having this information is an essential part of being able to get thin fast.

Here is what Rob Poulos, creator of the Fat Burning Furnace, says about effective eating habits:

"Perhaps the most important piece of advice I could give you regarding the subject of lean body nutrition is this: your body craves micronutrients. Hunger is relative to nutrient cravings. If you give your body what it craves, foods that are rich in nutrients, you'll have satisfied hunger. If you don't you'll still be hungry, and you'll find it very difficult to stop eating to satisfy your body's nutrient requirements until they are met."

And, by following the plan:

"... it's not unusual for a beginner to lose an average of 1-3 pounds of fat per week, and add 1-2 pounds of muscle per week over the first 12 weeks or so using the principles in the Fat Burning Furnace system."

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Keeping It Simple - A Weightloss Essential Get Thin Fast

Most people would agree that keeping things simple is usually the most effective strategy in getting things done. Well my experience in staying on track in any weightloss program is being able to easily follow the mealplan itself. What you don't need are elaborate recipes to prepare (such as with some other popular diet plans); nor should you have to count calories or points. What is important is to have an easy-to-follow list of nutritious foods that will satisfy your body’s needs and satisfy your hunger whenever you have a meal or snack.

The Fat Burning Furnace plan clearly targets this issue by outlining a simple list of 15 foods to eat for maximum health and fatloss. Imbedded in these selections are the specific "micronutrients" that Rob Poulos leverages to achieve outstanding results.

Lifetime HabitHow To Get Thin Fast

After you've dropped the weight that you needed to lose, you will want to make it a lifetime habit to maintain your best weight.

So regardless of whether your objective is to get thin fast for a wedding or upcoming reunion, or you just want to start feeling and looking good, the key is to: stay focused...follow a solid exercise and weight-training program...and eat the right foods at the right time. Using a good plan like the Fat Burning Furnace will show you that that there really is a way to get thin fast!

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