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Olivia Wells Reviews Combat The Fat Fitness Plan By Olivia Wells

Getting to your proper level of weight and staying there should be a lifetime habit; one that gives you both health and satisfaction. Weight loss is not impossible but a structured fitness plan that is simple and flexible, is often the key to success. While there are many types of fitness programs to choose from, Combat The Fat seems to accomplish these goals in a well balanced, easy to follow program of nutrition, exercise and weight training.

So let's take a closer look.

Combat The Fat Fitness Plan: Diet & Exercise To Shape Your Body & Burn CaloriesCombat The Fat Review

The Combat The Fat program is an e-book written by Jeff Anderson, an ex-marine. Jeff says that this plan is the secret fitness regimen and diet used by the U.S. military to get soldiers into shape. Based on years of experience he then adds a few of his own tips and 'tricks'. It is also important to note that this plan is designed for both men and women.

One of the essential elements of this fitness plan is the change in metabolism that comes from building muscle tissue. As you would expect, weight training builds muscle. Since muscle tissue requires more calories than other tissues your metabolism will increase as your muscles increase. The increase in metabolism will occur even when you are resting. In fact, your metabolism, which is the calories your body burns, can increase as much as 15% with a weight-training program.

Combat The Fat Fitness Plan HighlightsCombat The Fat Review

Here are some of the basic points of the Combat The Fat fitness plan:

  • Covers all fitness levels for both men and women
  • Recommends three 45-minute workouts per week
  • Gives exercise descriptions--complete with illustrations
  • Includes daily eating strategy guide using a nutritional program based on eating the right foods
  • No calorie counting
  • Desserts are required
  • 8-week, 100% money back guarantee
Also included is information on how to get more nutrients from food, how to increase your weight-loss motivation, and how to naturally increase your sex drive while burning fat. Jeff gives you tips for controlling the female hormones that tend to increase abs, thighs, buttocks, and hips. Want to target the fat that covers your abs? This program will tell you how.

My TakeCombat The Fat Review - A Complete Fitness Program

At first, this fitness plan had the look of being strenuous because of its military connection. Then I realized I could do as much or as little of the workouts as I wanted and build up to my optimal level. It is not like taking a class in a gym where the instructor (or anyone else) can evaluate you! And the program covers all fitness levels. Also, Jeff provides illustrations of the exercises so you can learn exactly how to perform them.

I also like the fact that nutritious foods are encouraged and that there is no calorie counting.

This appears to be a very good fitness plan for people who want to get their body into top shape and lose weight, healthfully, all in one package. It's clearly not just a weight loss program such as Weight Watchers or the Sonoma Diet.

Using a program such as Combat The Fat will give you the structure, support and guidance that most of us need to reach our fitness goals.

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