Fat Burning Furnace ReviewWill Fat Burning Furnace Ultimate Fitness Help You Get Thin Fast?

Olivia Wells Reviews Fat Burning Furnace Ultimate Fitness ebook –  A Quick Weight Loss Program By Olivia Wells

You may have heard of the fat loss program called The Fat Burning Furnace Ultimate Fitness System and are wondering if it will solve your weight loss goals. If you've come to this site you've probably wrestled with weight loss plans that required exhausting workouts and unrealistic food restrictions while resulting in limited, and sometimes no success. This Fat Burning Furnace review will take a careful look at some of these difficult problems and give you my honest assessment as to whether this plan can really meet your needs.

The Fat Burning Furnace weight loss plan maintains that you will lose weight fast by following a regimen of specific exercises taking 45 minutes per week, and by following a sensible diet that relies on nutrient-rich foods. That sounds pretty simple but what's the full scoop on this program and what proof is there that it actually works?

The short answer is that this system, created by Rob Poulos, apparently has already been used by thousands of people all over the world. In the Fat Burning Furnace ebook Rob Poulos says that he, himself, was once overweight and went through some trial-and-error diets before he recognized exactly what worked for him. His wife had a similar experience. Now, after their own personal success they are offering their program online and it seems to be helping many people.

The diet plan is based on a unique, but simple, exercise regimen and a nutrient-based diet, which can turn your body into a 'fat burning furnace' that can help you lose up to 26 pounds in 7 weeks.

The Fat Burning Furnace Short-Burst RoutinesFat Burning Furnace Reviews

The interval weight training routines in the Fat Burning Furnace ebook are designed around a total of (3) 15-minute short-burst circuit-training-type routines spread over a week. Circuit-training involves doing several different exercises with a short rest between each. Each exercise is done with as many repetitions as possible and your heart rate is elevated throughout the whole session. The training materials that you get with the Fat Burning Furnace include photos of the exercises so that you are not guessing.

Of course, one of the first questions everyone has is whether you need special exercise equipment for this system? Researching this issue I uncovered that Rob Poulos says this: "...you can do most of the exercises in FBF with just a pair of adjustable dumbbells and a bench." And, he tells you not to worry about bulking up. Poulos assures that you will simply acquire attractive and toned muscles making the program equally good for men and women.

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The Fat Burning Furnace System – How Does it Burn the Fat?Fat Burning Furnace Does It Work?

Here is another important part of the program: The type of exercise routine described above to tone your muscles, will also boost your metabolism. Here is how it works: your body will need to burn calories to repair the muscle that is 'broken down' during your weight training exercises. This repair process will take 24-48 hours during which your body will be continuously burning calories.

In addition, your body uses more calories to maintain muscle tissue than to maintain fat cells. In fact, muscle actually burns up to 12 times more calories than fat – so you will be burning calories at a much much faster rate all day long no matter what your activity.

There is also a well-received concept that short-burst exercise itself actually programs your brain to shed weight. The short-burst technique is the opposite of the long-cardio methods like jogging that are also popular, but time-consuming.

Many people who start a fat loss program are not used to fitness training. With Fat Burning Furnace I have found that you do not have to be too concerned if you have been sedentary for a while as a "break-in" routine is provided to ease you into the regimen. But checking with your doctor first is always a good idea.

The Fat Burning Furnace Nutrition ConceptFat Burning Furnace Review

Paulos gives some sound advice and plenty of information based on solid nutrition principles. The principles are that your body ultimately craves all the essential nutrients, and when you have supplied these sufficiently, your cravings for junk food will lessen, your hunger will even out, your calorie intake will reduce, and ultimately, your body will respond by adjusting itself to the weight that is optimal for you.

Poulos tells you just what foods to eat and what foods to avoid. He gives you his list of the 15 best foods and the 15 worst foods. This will make it easy for you to work out a menu plan, because it is laid out in black and white. Poulos also offers a few eating plans of his own to help you get started. He also recommends eating small frequent meals throughout the day.

And, he assures vegetarians that they can easily create meals using the lists and guidelines provided.

The Pluses and MinusesFat Burning Furnace Review – Honest Analysis of a Quick Weight loss Program

Here is what I really liked in review of the Fat Burning Furnace:

  • This system is pretty easy and straightforward. Rob Poulos spends a lot of time 'explaining' his plan, but it is not at all complicated.
  • The program comes with 1 full year of coaching (through email) direct from Rob if there are any questions or problems or you just need that extra level of support.
  • The Fat Burning Furnace is definitely time-saving, especially when it comes to exercise. But I would suggest that you follow the instructions carefully to get the most out of each workout.
  • The exercise and nutrition concepts are not outside of the mainstream and are not extreme; they are sensible principles. Poulos offers a focused procedure so that you can reach your goals.
  • The diet promises quick weight loss which will provide positive motivation to continue.
  • The diet is easy to maintain, not restrictive and will work for those also wishing to follow a standard or vegetarian plan.

And here are some of the the drawbacks:

  • I thought the illustrations of the exercises could be somewhat clearer, so you might want to review them carefully to ensure that you are doing the basic moves correctly.
  • The Fat Burning Furnace diet plan has the potential to help you lose up to 26 pounds in 49 days. This might be considered high by those nutritionists suggesting that you only lose 1 to 2 pounds per week.

Success StoriesFat Burning Furnace Scam

With all the hype on the internet, sometimes you wonder… is this Fat Burning Furnace a scam or does it really work?

To help you decide, and make this review of Fat Burning Furnace as complete as possible, I felt it would be helpful to include the following inspiring weight loss success stories. Not only did these people lose pounds and inches but they feel great, and they want to share their fat-burning victories not only with before and after pictures but actual video testimonials.

From: Todd Brennan, Oakland, California

Todd Success Story "...I've always struggled with my fitness & weight
"...tried weight watchers & infomercial gadgets ... nothing worked
"...I purchased the [FBF] program and it was almost immediate that I started feeling results
"...lost 25 lbs & 3+ inches on my waist
"...if I can do it, then I know anyone can.

From: Lyn B., Wellington, Florida

Lyn Success Story "...decided I've got to do something
   ...or buy a new wardrobe
"...[program was] easy to read & easy to follow
"...you create your own menu from the chart provided
"...lost 3" from my waist, 2" from my hips, & 4% fat
"...goal was to get back to 'Wedding Day' Weight...& I did just that!
"...I'm fit, I'm healthy & I'm happy!
"...thank you Fat Burning Furnace

Fat Burning Furnace Review – A Diet & Exercise Program To Lose Weight Fast Fat Burning Furnace – A Diet & Exercise Program To Lose Weight Fast

My TakeFat Burning Furnace Diet Plan

On the whole Fat Burning Furnace is a sound fitness program that can really help you to achieve your weight loss goals. My feeling is that short-burst exercises are the way to go both as a time-saving method and as an effective way to get thin. If you follow the exercise and diet instructions and stay with it, you are almost sure to lose weight.

Although it is similar to other weight loss/fitness programs, the feature I like most about this plan is the straightforward no-nonsense approach. It is a plan that will not feel like a ball and chain on your lifestyle. Keeping things simple is usually the best, and you will feel good about following this system.

I certainly hope that this Fat Burning Furnace Review has provided you with the information you need to make an informed decision and urge you to check out the Fat Burning Furnace Ultimate limited time special trial offer.

Fat Burning Furnace – A Diet & Exercise Program To Lose Weight Fast