Fat Loss 4 Idiots ReviewFat Loss 4 Idiots – A Quick Weight Loss Program

Olivia Wells Reviews Fat Loss 4 Idiots –  A Quick Weight Loss Program By Olivia Wells

Are you looking for an uncomplicated diet that gives quick results?

Fat Loss 4 Idiots is the popular no-nonsense quick weight loss program that promises that by following the plan you can lose "nine pounds in eleven days". This is quite a big claim, so let's take a look at what the program is all about.

The name of the diet is actually "The Idiot-Proof Diet". The diet name is meant to imply that this weight loss program is so simple and easy that anyone can follow it. There is no book to read or long lists of do's and don'ts. The program tells you … step by step … what foods to eat and, just as important, when to eat them.

This is not a low-fat, low-carb, high-fat, or high-carb diet; and it does not rely on specific foods

Based on your own food preferences this diet plan customizes a quick weight loss program to follow for eleven days. Then for the next three days you may eat whatever you wish, as long as you stop eating when you feel satisfied, but not full. This is a very important rule of the diet. You are allowed to eat as much as you wish on the diet days and the 'free' days – but you should have some room left over in your stomach.

Easy Weight Loss Program OverviewFat Loss 4 Idiots Review – Easy Weight Loss Program

Here are some of the basic points of the Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet plan:

  • No calorie counting
  • No portion control
  • Food categories (primarily carbs & protein) are cycled among the 4 meals per day.
  • Plenty of water is encouraged
  • You eat until you are satisfied – not full
  • Moderate exercise is encouraged – especially walking
  • Four meals are eaten rather than two or three and they are spaced 2½ hours apart so that metabolism remains steady.

The FoodsFat Loss 4 Idiots Review – Loose Weight With A Varied Diet

OK, so what foods are included on this diet? First of all simple carbs like sugary sweets and starchy foods such as potatoes and breads are virtually eliminated for the eleven "on" days.

You select 14 (or more) of your favorite foods from two lists. Then the Fat Loss 4 Idiots "diet generator" plans each of the four daily meals you will eat during the next eleven days. You may cook the food any way you like, and some condiments are unlimited. The food is regular grocery food – nothing special or exotic. The planned foods are very simple – no special recipes that take time to plan and prepare. You may also choose between a vegetarian and a regular diet.

The unique factor in this diet is the rotation of food categories, or calorie shifting. For example, meal number one could be complex carbohydrates, meal two might be protein, meal three protein and fats, and meal four complex carbs and protein.

Fat BurningFat Loss 4 Idiots Review – Quick Weight Loss

Your body does not count calories, however it burns or stores calories based on the content of each meal. It is burning calories throughout the day – even as you eat them. Each type of calorie (carb, protein, fat) has a different effect and is metabolized differently. The idea is that by eating one or two types of calorie at a time, your metabolism, and therefore your weight loss, will be maximized. The Fat Loss 4 Idiots program says:

"…you need to SHIFT the types of calories eaten"… and if you do this then your metabolism will burn all of the calories eaten. Then, when it finishes burning those calories it will find the nearest available fat tissue on your body and burn that too…"

The important thing to remember is that the Fat Loss 4 Idiots meal plan generator takes all the guesswork out of the process and creates an easy to follow series of menus that optimize the fat burning process for quick weight loss.

The Pluses and MinusesFat Loss 4 Idiots Review – Honest Analysis of a Quick Weight loss Program

Here are some of the the benefits I found with the Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet plan:

  • It's easy – no recipes to worry about. Diets such as the South Beach Diet or the Sonoma Diet give you recipes to prepare. Fat Loss 4 Idiots is simple and saves time and money because there are no elaborate recipes – you just prepare the basic foods prescribed plus the allowed condiments for seasoning.
  • No calculating – menus are generated based on your favorite selections and you don't have to count calories or points (as in Weight Watchers) or size your portions like you do with the Sonoma Diet. You eat until you are satisfied but not full.
  • You get a 3-day 'break' from the diet so that you don't feel deprived.
  • The diet promises quick weight loss which may provide positive motivation to continue.

And here are some of the the drawbacks:

  • One problem that some people may have with the diet is the lack of variety for any given meal; especially if you enjoy combining foods. Of course you do get the 3-day break during which you can eat what you wish.
  • If the weight comes off as quickly as they promise, it may be too fast for some people. If that is true for you, perhaps you might vary the pace by dieting for seven days on and two or three days off, or even five days on and two days off. In fact, the Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet program says, "if you notice that you are losing too much weight too quickly then you should stop dieting for a few days – if you begin to lose more than one pound every day then you should slow down a little bit." Remember, you are ultimately in control. The main thing is to eat enough but don’t overeat, and make sure you get all your required nutrients, and water.

Customer CommentsFat Loss 4 Idiots Review – A Successful Weight Loss Program

Here is what a few satisfied customers have to say about Fat Loss 4 Idiots:

From: M. Meyer, Bridgehampton, NY

This diet has been amazing! It's perfect for a busy person like me. I liked that there was no long book to read or complicated recipes to prepare! I just chose foods from the diet lists and it created a plan for me. There was plenty of variety, and they actually suggested some foods that I used to avoid because I thought they were too fattening. I loved not having to calculate calories, and I can look forward to the three "off days". Plus, the initial weight loss has me really motivated.

From: H. Gordon, Detroit, MI

Fat Loss 4 Idiots is an excellent way to keep your diet and weight loss goals on track. It has an incredibly easy to use food and meal planning guide, so it's easy to shop for the week and stay focused on eating less. I like how all the food choices are healthy and basic. Another good thing is that there's also no portion restrictions so you don't feel like you're starving. Definitely check this out if you want a simple, no-nonsense way to help you eat less.

My TakeFat Loss 4 Idiots Review – Quick Weight Loss Program

I really like things that are organized, clear-cut, easy to follow, and easy on the pocketbook. This diet is especially good for people with a busy agenda. It is just the ticket for someone who wants to lose pounds quickly, yet does not want to fast, take pills, or start a one-food diet. This is a unique way of dieting that is structured and easy--but does not make you feel deprived. And, with their 60-day money-back guarantee, the only thing you have to lose is the weight! Fat Loss 4 Idiots is a weight loss program you can really live with!

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